Crab Versus Alligator Who Will Win The Tiny Guy No Seriously 02

Crab Versus Alligator, Who Will Win? The Tiny Guy…No, Seriously.

Crab Versus Alligator, Who Will Win? The Tiny Guy…No, Seriously.


Caters News

A tiny crab have the most disadvantageous fight ever and came out victorious.


Phil Lanoue, a resident who lives near to the Murrels Inlet in South Carolina’s Huntington Beach State Park, was able to capture what seemed like a one-sided fight between a hungry alligator and a small crab. He noticed the alligator crept up silently behind the small crab. But the crab heard the young gator, and turned around just in time to show its pincers.


“As the gator inched forward the crab reached out with his right claw and gave the gator a good hard pinch on the end of his nose,” said Lanoue. “An older, more experienced alligator would have been much less subtle in the stalking procedure and likely would have gone for a quick grab and crunch but that was not this young gator’s style.”


Caters News

“The youngster took too much time being sneaky and the crab must have heard him coming up from behind because it quickly whipped himself around and raised his claws defiantly.”


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