10 Awesome Windows Shortcuts You Never Knew About

10 Awesome Windows Shortcuts You Never Knew About

10 Awesome Windows Shortcuts You Never Knew About


Keyboard shortcuts not only help you get the work done faster, but also make you more efficient. While new users might be slowly moving the mouse around the screen to look for a button to click, seasoned users will do it more efficiently with their vast knowledge of hotkey combos. In fact, if you are familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, you can increase your productivity tremendously.


Of course, every Windows user might have a few shortcuts up their sleeves. Here are some awesome shortcuts even you might not know about.


1. Win + L

Leaving your computer for even a brief moment might leave your screen vulnerable to prying eyes. Better be careful and use this shortcut to lock your PC instantly.


2. Ctrl + Shift + N

Windows has made it easier to create a new folder in Windows Explorer by using Ctrl + Shift + N right where you are and a new folder with the name ‘New Folder’ will appear highlighted for you to type in its folder name.


3. Ctrl + Y

Many knows that Ctrl + X is a useful shortcut to undo a previous action performed by a user. This is all good until you need to redo an action that has been undone. Ctrl + Y is here to save you the trouble and redo what has been undone.


4. Shift + Delete

If you think dragging stuffs into the Recycle Bin to delete it is troublesome, there is a Delete key which will do the same action. But an even simpler way is to use the Shift + Delete shortcut key which will bypass the Recycle Bin. Be careful though, as you won’t be able to restore the file from the Recycle Bin if you later decide that you want it back.


5. Alt + Print Screen

The Print Screen key is a nice shortcut to take screenshots of the current screen. But if you just want to take a snapshot of the active window, then use Alt + Print Screen so you do not need to edit the screenshot to just the active window later.


6. Alt + 6

When you have multiple windows open, clicking around to switch to the right window might be time consuming. Use this cool shortcut to quickly switch between windows.


7. Win + M

Too many windows cluttering your desktop? This shortcut will help you to minimize all open windows to the Taskbar. Press Win + Shift + M to have all running windows pop open again.


8. Win + Spacebar

If you need a quick peek at your desktop, there is no need to minimize all your windows with the Win + M shortcut key. Simply press Win + Spacebar will make all your working windows transparent so you can see right through them, and possibly confirm a file that you have placed on the desktop. To return to your normal view, just let go of the keys.


9. Win + Right Arrow + Enter

This shortcut will execute the first option in the Shutdown Button and is one of the fastest ways to shutdown a Windows PC. This shortcut may not work on Windows 8 & 8.1 though.


10. Win + (+/-)

Need to take a closer look at something on the screen? Hit Win and + will bring up a magnifying glass on the screen. While magnified, hit Win and – will zoom you back out again.

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