Haswell-based MacBook Pro and iMac release date 2013

Haswell-based MacBook Pro and iMac release date 2013

With the current price slash of custom-configured iMacs from major third-party Mac retailer including Amazon, Best Buy, B&H & MacMall, it may be suggesting that it is in preparation for the new Haswell based models. Apple is cutting it’s own inventory of the product as well and trying to get rid of old stock to make room for a refreshed model which will likely be announced by fall.

Haswell-based MacBook Pro and iMac release date 2013-02

According to another report by Hong Kong based supply chain monitor, EMSOne, Taiwanese manufacturers have begun shipping new MacBook Pro components based on Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell based processors.


Haswell chips which was first introduced in MacBook Air, and would signigicantly improve the graphics performance and battery life of the device, offering all day battery life to the MacBook Air. MacBook Pro with Haswell-based chip is expected to see similar improvements and is expected to unveil on September 10 together with iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C while the iMac release date could be even sooner.

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