How to update to iOS 7 now

How to update to iOS 7 now

Upgrade to final version of iOS 7 right now


Final version of iOS 7 is ready to download with software update files


Apple has release the Gold Master (GM) version of iOS 7 to developers. The GM version is likely the final version of iOS 7 before an official public release on September 18. You can install the final version right now eventhough you are not a developer, thanks to some public postings of the software update files.


We have tested it on our iDevices with no issues so far, but we did not verify all the files so we can’t confirm every file would be problem free. This is the GM version released to the developers, which is likely the same version to be released publicly on September 18. As with all upgrade, please be aware that there are some risks involved before you upgrade.


Always Backup First

Before you start, do a backup of your iDevice with iTunes. Although there’s rarely any issues with early upgrades, always do a backup beforehand, in case you need to restore your iDevice.


Download iOS 7

Thanks to a public posting, iOS 7 software update files are ready for download. At the moment, not all devices are posted. Here’s the list so far :


Note: iOS 7 requires a newer version of iTunes so in order to use your iDevice with iTunes post-update (at least until Apple release the new version) you will need to install the iTunes beta.


Install iOS 7

Follow these instructions to install iOS 7

1. Open the disk image (.dmg) and download the iDevice Software Update file (.ipsw)  from the list above. Copy it to the desktop (Windows users will need 7-Zip to do this, and will need to open the .hfs inside the .dmg as well)

2. Open iTunes and connect your iDevice to your PC.

3. From iTunes, select your device and click on the ‘Summary’ tab.

4. Hold down the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click on the Restore button. Browse for the .ipsw file you have downloaded, select it, and wait till the update finish.

5. Restore your iDevice and sync with iTunes if necessary.


Your iDevice should be running iOS 7 if you followed these steps correctly. Have fun with the latest version of iOS.

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