Google Translate for Android update for easier conversation

Google Translate for Android update for easier conversation


Google announced that it is releasing an update to the Google Translate app for Android. Apart from a new design and added support for additional languages, the one that brought the most attention is the ability to quickly translate sentences in conversations.


The app makes it easy to have a real-time back and forth conversation at the tap of a button. By simply turning the screen, you can quickly switch between languages.


Google product manager Matthew Gaba posted in a blog, “hopefully communication can become a whole lot easier with the launch of the new Google Translate app for Android. The app now features faster speech translation, additional language support, and a sleek new look.”


This update also added more support for handwriting recognition for Hebrew, Javanese, Greek and Esperanto. Another addition worth noting is the inclusive of Malay and Ukrainian support for camera translation, where an Android user can use an Android to snap photo of written text and highlight words the user wants to be translated.


The update for Google Translate should be in the Google Play Store soon.

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