7 Ways to Beat the Addiction from Twitter or Facebook 00

7 Ways to Beat the Addiction from Twitter or Facebook

7 Ways to Beat the Addiction from Twitter or Facebook


Do you frequently check Facebook all day long no matter where you are or update status on Twitter for every little thing that comes to your mind? The seven following tricks will help you beat the addiction of all these social media and bring you back to reality.


1. Find out the time you are wasting each day

The fastest way to get you out of the hypnosis is by realizing how much time you have wasted on Facebook and Twitter each day. At times, this is enough to get you out of the trance. Track your online activity and list how often you log in to Facebook and Twitter, better still jot down each time you are using these social media and what you have been doing for a week. At the end of the week, read over what you have done and how much time is spent on Facebook and Twitter. You can see how you spend time in the web by using some browsers extension such as :


2. Avoid using computer or smart phone

Indulge in new activities on your free time and get away from social media. Picking up a new hobby or sport will also be a good idea, and apart from the health benefits, you will be actually doing something worthwhile and get to go out to the real world for once.


3. Change your password and/or your email address


You may block the access to Twitter and Facebook by changing your password or email address. It’s best to let a friend to do it for you and hold on to that information so that you will be able to regain access once you have overcame the addiction. Just be sure that it’s a trusted friend though.


4. Block Facebook and Twitter

Set up access restrictions to block both Facebook and Twitter entirely or during specific hours of the day through your modem or router. You will be able to find the steps to limiting web site access on the modem or router manufacturer’s web site.


5. Deactivate Accounts


Facebook and Twitter’s accounts can also be deactivated as long as you want. Your personal information will be remain as it is when you reactivate. But it is quite cumbersome to reactivate an account, which might be a good deterrent for you to tweet or update status.


6. Delete your accounts


If all else fails, you can consider deleting your accounts. With this, everything you have ever done will be removed together with your posts and history. You won’t be able to sign in or reactivate anymore. You will have to start afresh, so deleting your account would be a last resort which not only stops your social media addiction but ensure you stay clear of it entirely.


Note: Deleting a Facebook account or Deactivating a Twitter account have a 30 days grace period before it is officially deleted.


7. Cold Turkey

Changing a habit Cold Turkey can be the most difficult trick for someone because you should change your mind, behavior, lifestyle and doing something else worthwhile online or even get out in the real world. This tool may be only way they get over the addiction because they are doing so without any gimmicks, tools or anyone’s help. It is like a motivating factor to get away from social media and you will come out of it proud to be more productive and healthy.



All social media addiction can be overcome, when you can control your online habit and know the limit.

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