How to clear browser data on Android devices

How to clear browser data on Android devices?



Your internet browser stores certain information of your online trail so that it would load faster on future visits. It will also avoid from downloading the same image multiple times when navigating through websites.


Over time, this process may actually begin to slow down your browser as large amounts of data are saved to your mobile device. A cache does not empty itself and anyone who gains access to your computer can tell from these files what websites you have visited. To make matters worse, this caching is not limited to pages, but can also include login IDs, passwords, banking information, and other sensitive information.


Clearing your browser data will significantly improve the speed and performance of your browser. It’s a good practice to clear your browser data from time to time.


Step by step guide to clear your cache on Android browser

Step 1

In your Android browser, hit the menu key.



Step 2

Select Settings



Step 3

Then select Privacy & security



Step 4

Tap on Clear cache to clear locally cache content, followed by Clear all cookie data to clear browser cookies.



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