How to turn off Android push notification like Whatsapp

How to turn off Android push notification, like Whatsapp

How to turn off Android push notification


Push notifications can be quite annoying at times. Plus some app developers abuse it by spamming promotional messages.


We will share an easy way to turn off these notifications and give it a try with Whatsapp. Not that we are indicating Whatsapp spam users with promotional messages, just take it as an example for the guide and i’m sure it’s good to know that you can disable the notifications when the need arises.


This guide will work on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean onwards. The fact that Google introduced the system for identifying and turning off the notification in the latest version of Android does imply a growing problem with notification spams.


Guide to turn off push notification in Android

Step 1

Go into settings How-to-set-free-VPN-on-Android-01


Step 2

Then tap on Apps.



Step 3

Tap on the app that you would like to disable notification, in this case, tap on Whatsapp.



Step 4

Uncheck the Show notifications box.



Step 5

Android would gibe you a warning that you won’t receive anymore alerts from the particular app. Tap on OK to continue.


1 thought on “How to turn off Android push notification, like Whatsapp”

  1. I do all of that but some of the apps turn notifications back on automatically every time. How can I stop this?

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