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Cover : Android lockscreen that shows you the right apps at the right time

Android lockscreen app that learns


The right apps at the right time

Cover is an Android app that learns when and where you use different apps, and put it on your lockscreen. It recognizes the places you go and apps you use during certain hours of the day and days of the week.

In the office, you might get Google drive, dropbox, tasker and calendar. At home, news, weather and radio. In the car, maps and music. All these are automatically switched and placed on your lockscreen. Todd Jackson, Cover’s CEO and co-founder, tells us the app recognizes your location not through GPS, but from geofencing with WiFi networks and cell towers, as well as accelerometer and gyroscope to determine whether you are in a car or walking. Thus, it will come up with a GPS app when you are in a car and walking directions when you are on foot.


“Peek” feature


Cover also lets you have a glance at an app without unlocking the phone, by holding down on an icon and swipe right to open a window revealing it. Swipe it all the way, you can unlock the screen and launch the app instantaneously. This feature however, will not compromise security if you have set the security code lock or pattern lock. The app icons will slide across the screen, and the security code screen will appear, before launching the app.


Switch directly between apps


Cover offers more than lockscreen functions. It supports smart switching between apps, just like how you would Alt-Tab between programs on your computer. Like when you are composing and e-mail, you can pull from the top right of the screen to bring down a list of apps, like maps or browsers, launch the app directly and making apps switching convenient.


100% Android

Cover is built exclusively for Android. “We’re doing something that you can never do on an iPhone,” said Jackson, and continued to elaborate that it supports all the areas of an Android experience and the core features are very different from that on iOS. “Cover does things that are only possible on Android. It couldn’t have been built on any other mobile platform.”


Release data

This app is not in the Google Play store yet, but you can sign up for an invitation at Cover’s homepage.

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