SecretInk sending message like a secret agent

SecretInk, sending message like a secret agent

SecretInk, sending message like a secret agent


Have you ever wished you could send a Mission Impossible styled message, where it will auto destruct after the recipient have read it? Powerinbox have just launched SecretInk, a privacy, self destructing messaging service.


SecretInk is especially useful for sharing juicy office gossips. It is a safe and secure way to send messages to colleagues thru email and SMS or even to be shared as a link. The messages are encrypted to ensure that it will be viewed by the person that it is intended for. Once the message is opened, the countdown timer will start, sort of like Mission Impossible. Then the message is deleted and removed from the server, never to be seen again. The message timer will self adjust according to the length of the message, based on average reading speed.

SecretInk Product Manager Toby Padilla said, “The Internet has made it easy to stay in touch but also easy for communication to fall into the wrong hands as well.  SecretInk marries the privacy and security of offline communication with the speed and convenience of online communication so users have the best of both worlds in a fun product they can use with anyone,” and added, be it for “passwords, account information, office gossip … anything.”


SecretInk is a free service to consumers. “We have plans for a premium offering for marketers … imagine getting an email or SMS that says ‘In the next 8 seconds here’s your coupon code, or it will self-destruct.’ You will get immediate behavior from something like that,” said Powerinbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky.

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