Google launches Play Store dedicated for Education

Google launches Play Store dedicated for Education


Google has officially announced an extension of its Android Play Store for the sole purpose of education. It is targeted towards the K-12 audience in the United States called Google Play for Education.


The new app store offers bulk purchase by educators making it simple to distribute them across an entire classroom. Apart from apps, videos and other educational content will also be available in the new Play Store. Google also mentioned that Google Play for Education presents the perfect opportunity for developers with apps for education to get noticed.

Apps marked for education will go through a review process by a third party network of educators before being available for purchase. “These educators assign the appropriate subject, grade, and common core standards metadata, as well as evaluating whether the app meets the Google Play for Education criteria for classroom use” as stated in the Google Play for Education FAQ.


Developers that want to include ads or in-app purchases will need to make it clear up front so that teachers know whether they’re downloading apps that could cost more money down the road.

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