BBM for Android and iPhone over 10 million downloads lifted waiting list

How to download BBM on Android for free

How to download BBM on Android for free


BlackBerry has launched BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) messaging app on iPhone and Android late last month. The formerly exclusive application for BlackBerry devices will be free for download on iOS and Android. Here’s how to download and start using BBM on your Android device.


Steps to install BBM on Android devices

Note that BBM supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later with a display size of up to 7 inches.


Step 1

On your Android device, download BBM for free from Google Play Store.



Step 2

Once installed, launch the BBM app.


Step 3

At the BBM main screen, you will be asked to login with a BlackBerry ID or create a new one. Once successfully signed in, you will be assigned with a BBM PIN. You can start adding your friends with their BBM PIN as well as share yours with others.


BBM supports private chat as well as group chat of up to 30 people in a group.


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