How to change your email signature on Android devices 0

How to change your email signature on Android devices

How to get rid of that annoying “sent from my phone” message on Android devices


Setting your email signature creates a personal feel to your emails. Does the world need to know that every mail from you was “sent from my Samsung Mobile” or any other smartphone branding for that matter. Nobody likes unwanted marketing, and besides it makes you look unwise with no control over your email. It is relatively easy to change, though, if you know where to look for.


Here’s the step by step on how to change your email signature on an Android device

Android basically comes with two email apps, that is a general email app for most mail services and a gmail app specifically for Gmail service. The process would be the same for both of these apps.

Step 1

Launch either your Email app or Gmail app.


Step 2

In the mail app, hit the menu key or more option on the toolbar, depending on the Android version.



Step 3

Select Settings.



Step 4

Tap on the email address that you would like to change the signature.



Step 5

Tap on Signature.



Step 6

Type in your signature to be used with that mail account, and tap OK to confirm.


Note: Leave the signature blank if you do not want any signature to be attached to your email.

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