Litecoin mining Tips which you should know

Litecoin mining Tips, which you should know

Litecoin mining Tips, which you should know


With crypto-currencies reaching the media and the price spike of as much as 400 percent last month, a lot of attention has been focused on this digital currency. If by any chance you are still wondering what is this Bitcoin and Litecoin that attracts so many, it is a digital currency without a central authority, and instead runs on the network of users that employ it. I will not go into the history of crypto-currency and instead will give some tips for those that have decided to mine the digital currency.


Info that you should know

I must confess that i am into Litecoin mining myself, and what i see from numerous threads where people are trying to learn and help each other in setting their mining rigs. Those just got into this mining thing would be fumbling, trying to configure CGMiner, software for mining the digital currency. Since Litecoin is based on the Scrypt algorithm, GPU mining is the most efficient method right now. I have observed many doesn’t actually know what they are doing and the advice is just a repetition from somewhere else. So let us get to CGMiner and what you ought to know in the configuration instead of taking bad advices from some anonymous from the internet.

  • Comma

Most mining rigs would have more than one GPU and if you are using similar cards, you don’t actually need the commas. Let’s say you want the gpu-engine to be 1000 for all three cards, you can just set gpu-engine to 1000 once and it will apply to all the cards. Only when you want to try different settings on each card that you would need to use the comma separating each in between.

  • shaders

The –shaders setting actually does nothing to your configuration, since thread concurrency overrides any value that you enter as shader. The only reason for the –shaders is actually to find a working value of thread concurrency, where if you did not enter a thread concurrency value and put in the correct shader, CGMiner will generate a file in that folder which will mention the thread concurrency value in it.

  • Readme

All these information could be found at the CGMiner readme and Scrypt readme. So it would pay off to have some reading beforehand as you would be more alert later and know a little more on what each setting actually does.

  • vectors

If you notice from the readme, it does mention this : “Vectors are NOT used by the scrypt mining kernel”. So in other words it’s another useless command since Litecoin is based on the Scrypt algorithm.


The READMEs are readily accessible and in my opinion would be a better read than most other information that you can find on the net.

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