Funny or Die admits HUVr Tech HoverBoard is a

Funny or Die admits HUVr Tech’s HoverBoard is a Hoax

Funny or Die admits HUVr Tech’s HoverBoard is a Hoax


HUVr Tech has announced what appears to be the first ever hoverboard. The video that was uploaded in YouTube channel on Tuesday has gone viral. Dubbed the HUVr, the device functions similarly to the hoverboard which was seen in Back To The Future II. With celebrities like Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk and Moby endorsing it, many are trying to decipher whether the video and the website and the company is even real.

Of course i am here to shatter your high-flying dreams and tell you that HUVr is a hoax. Funny or Die is the company behind the HUVr viral video. At last, actor Christopher Lloyd from Back To The Future appeared in a Funny or Die apology video and conceded that the hoverboard is indeed a hoax.

Still, there is no explanation for why Funny or Die, or any of the multiple celebrities involved to make the video. Could it be the existence of a sequel to the Back To The Future? Or perhaps an ad campaign for a new Tony Hawk mobile game? There is no answer right now.


“This belongs to the people…at the very least, one person will be happy after so many of you have been sad,” said Lloyd. “Part of me is happy about my involvement. Because if we inspire one person to get into the hover sciences, I consider that a victory. Here’s to hoverboards being actually real one day. Go, do it! Make it happen! For all of us.”

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