How to Create WeChat Account

How to Create WeChat Account


WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. In this tutorial, we will guide you through step by step on how to create a WeChat account.


Method 1: Create a WeChat account by Phone Number

Step 1: Sign Up

Launch WeChat app from your phone and tap on Sign Up.



Step 2: Key-in your account information

Input your name which will be displayed as your WeChat account name, select Region and input the phone number to be used for your WeChat account. Once you have completed the information, tap on Sign Up.



Step 3: Verification

Enter the verification code that was sent to your phone via SMS and tap on Next to continue.



Step 4: Welcome to WeChat

Once you have entered the verification code, you should be brought into WeChat and can start messaging with your families and friends.



Method 2: Create a WeChat account by QQ

If you have a QQ account, you can login to WeChat using your QQ account with the same password as in QQ.

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