How to Add Friends on WeChat

How to Add Friends on WeChat in 7 Ways

How to Add Friends on WeChat


WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. There are many ways to add your friends in WeChat. In this tutorial, we will list down all the 7 ways to add your friends.


7 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat

  •  2. Add by WeChat ID

If your have your friend’s WeChat ID, you can add your friend directly using their WeChat ID. Tap on the ‘+‘ symbol on the top left corner and select Add Contacts. Type in your friend’s WeChat ID and tap on Search. This will link to your friend’s details page. Tap on Add to complete friend request and wait for your friend to confirm.




  • 2. Add by scanning WeChat QR Code

If you have your friend’s WeChat QR code, you can also add your friend by scanning the WeChat QR code. You can access the WeChat QR code scanner by tapping the ‘+‘ sign on the top left corner, then select Scan QR Code. Align the QR code within the frame to start scanning.



  • 3. Add by Mobile Contacts

If your friend’s phone number is on your phone and his WeChat account is linked to that phone number, WeChat would have automatically added your friend to your WeChat contacts. However, you can manually add friends by using the phone number. To do this, tap the ‘+‘ sign on the top left corner, and select Add Contacts. Type in your friend’s phone number and proceed to search for his WeChat profile.



  • 4. Add by People Nearby

WeChat have a unique feature where you can look around and make friends with people nearby. But be advised that once you enable this feature, other people around you would be able to find you as well, and they will be able to see your 10 latest photos on the album.


To look for people nearby, tap on the Discover tab on the top and select People Nearby. You will be brought to the People Nearby page where you can look around and start sending greetings. If he or she adds you, you are then friends.




  • 5. Add by Shake

Shake is a two way function where both people using this function at the same time can see each other.


Tap on the Discover tab on the top and select Shake. Hold your phone and start to shake it. Within moments, it will recommend you someone who shakes at the same time since she wants to make friends as well. If you are interested, you can send her greetings.




  • 6. Add by Drift Bottle

Drift Bottle is another unique feature of WeChat which let users to leave a message or voice note to be picked up by some random user. If the other person is interested with your content, both of you may have common interests and may even become friends. You can also pick up drift bottles left by someone else.


Tap on Discover tab on the top and select Drift Bottle. At the Drift Bottle page, you can choose to throw a bottle with your own message or pick up bottles of others.




  • 7. Add by Showing your QR Code

If you wish your friends to be able to add you and do not want to add them one by one, you have the option to show them your QR code and let them add you. Then you can accept or reject their request.


Tap on the 3 dots on the top left, then select your profile. At the profile page, tap on My QR Code. You can even show your QR code on your website or blog.



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