These Common Food Might Become Extinct In The Next Few Years Surely We Wouldnt Want That 02

These Common Food Might Become Extinct In The Next Few Years. Surely We Wouldn’t Want That.

Endangered Food In The Brink Of Extinction


Climate change might affect us sooner than we expect. With rising temperatures, there could be mass plants and animals extinction.


These common food below might be a thing of the past if we don’t protect it now. Could you imagine breakfast without bacon and coffee? Breakfast as we know it would be changed forever.





This famous sweet treat is mostly grown in West Africa. The rising temperatures are making it hard for farmers to grow their cocoa crops.





Even the Arabica coffee beans are affected by the extreme climate change, and Starbucks had made it known that the supply is getting shorter, which could spell disaster for many office workers soon.


German Beer


Bernt Rostad

Water shortages in parts of Germany are causing barley and hops to become scarce, and because Germany follows the German Beer Purity Law which prohibits the use of any other ingredient besides water, malt, and hops to make their beer, they can’t replace it with corn or other cheaper grains.


Thus, the market on German beer is being threatened.




Dhruvaraj S

The population of honey bees are declining because of climate change and pollution, making the production of honey drop along with it.


Maple Syrup



Shorter, warmer winters are keeping the maple trees from producing enough sap to keep up with maple syrup demand.


Peanut Butter


Mike Porcenaluk

Hot summers devastate peanut crops around the world. This has already brought the peanut butter price skyrocketing.





The weather affects crops used for feeding pigs. Thus, be prepared for bacon shortages.





Warmer climates degrade the quality of grapes grown at vineyards from around the world, and this reduces the volume of good wines.


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