Gold and Graphite iPhone 5S in new video leak

Gold and Graphite iPhone 5S in new video leak

New video leak from TLDToday, compares the internal structures of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. Though both models share the same external dimension with the same form factor, most changes and upgrades are actually done internally. As pointed out in the video, iPhone 5S has repositioned the logic board screws, increasing the space available for battery and a larger flash cutout to accommodate for dual LED flash. This is in line with Apple’s tradition of upgrading the ‘S version’ internally.

The next video shows the speculated Graphite iPhone 5S, which is noticeably lighter in color than the existing black and slate iPhone 5. It is noted that initial slate iPhone 5 versions were lighter in color as well.

iPhone 5S is expected to feature an A7 processor with 64 bit, enhanced camera with dual LED for better low light pictures and fingerprint sensor. Apple will announce the iPhone 5S at a media event on September 10 together with iPhone 5C and iOS 7.

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