Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked prototype 01

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, leaked prototype

With the recent rumors on Samsung’s smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, we did not expect a leak on the real product would really surface. But with 3 days left till the official announcement, purported images of the Samsung Galaxy Gear has leaked out.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked prototype-01


Christina Farr of VentureBeat has what it claims to be pictures of the Galaxy Gear. According to the report, the watch is a smartphone companion and has a huge focus on health and fitness, including a heart rate monitor and related software to track calorie intake.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked prototype-02

“The color is fairly basic — dark black and grey, although it may be enhanced in the final version. The wristband is clunky and masculine, large enough to hold speakers in the clasp. It’s not heavy to hold, but it dwarfed my tiny lady wrists when I tried it on. Women may instead opt for a Misfit Shine, which isn’t a watch but is a small jewel-like button” she mentioned and also claims that “It has a 4-megapixel camera built into the strap, and tiny speakers in the clasp. You can measure health data through the camera. Take a picture of your food, and you can tag it according to what type of food it is, such as “grains” or “fat.” It’s a clear swipe at Google Glass — but would anyone take photos of their meals from a watch, other than for spy movie appeal?”

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked prototype

Thease are the features of Samsung Galaxy Gear so far :

  • 3 inch OLED screen
  • Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with Galaxy smartphones and other Android devices
  • Wifi connectivity for internet access
  • 4 megapixel camera on the strap
  • S voice commands
  • S Health app including a heart rate monitor, steps and calorie intake
  • Call function (tap to activate and a call will be made on your Samsung smartphone)
  • Share pictures and other data to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites
  • 10+ hours battery life


The leaked images is a prototype built for some developers. So do not be surprised if the final product might come out abit differently. Samsung will unveil Galaxy Gear smartwatch together with Galaxy Note 3 on September 4.

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