How to set VPN on iOS

How to use VPN on iPhone, iPad and any other iOS devices

Free VPN for iOS without rooting


What’s the benefit of using VPN?


You may know what a Virtual Private Network or VPN is. You probably don’s use VPN. You really should consider using one.


It will secure your computer’s internet connection and encrypt all the data you are sending or receiving and keep your communications secured from prying eyes. Follow the steps below on how to start using VPN on your iOS device.


How to use VPN on your iOS device

Earlier, we have shown the method to set VPN manually on iOS devices, today let’s try a simple method of using VPN on your iOS.


Step 1


Get Vpn One Click Professional app from the App Store. It comes with a seven days trial period before committing to a monthly subscription for $1.99 or yearly for $9.99.



Step 2

Launch Vpn One Click app and choose a subscription or try with the 7 days free trial.



Step 3

After you have selected a subscription, you will be prompted to Install Profile. Tap on Install to proceed.



Step 4

Once the title bar indicate Profile Installed, tap on Done to continue.



Step 5

Well done! You have successfully installed the VPN profiles in your iOS device. Tap OK to exit.



Step 6

From your device, go into Settings How-to-set-VPN-on-iOS-00 Tap on VPN and you should be able to see a list of VPN configurations.




 Step 7

Tap to select a VPN Configuration and tap on the VPN button to connect.



Step 8

You have successfully connected to a VPN server.


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