Samsung reveals plans for flexible display phones in October

Samsung will launch curved display smartphones in October


With the flexible screen, dropping and smashing your screen is a thing of the past.


Samsung mentioned that it is going to launch a smartphone with curved display next month. We first heard about Samsung’s handheld flexible displays back in January at CES, where ‘Youm’, a 5.5-inch prototype device was revealed. Youm technology features some stunning smartphone concepts from Samsung which include the flexible display that is almost indestructible.


This is the first time for a company to launch a smartphone with curved display for the consumer market. Samsung’s mobile business head of strategic marketing, D.J. Lee confirmed that the unnamed device could be unveiled in South Korea next month.


Many would have imagined the device is capable of folding onto itself and able to take different shapes according to user’s preference. According to CEO of Samsung SDI, Park Sang-Jin, the curved display device is not pliable and will be curved-shaped, to differentiate from it’s existing smartphone range. “As plastic liquid crystal displays are strong enough to neither shatter even when dropped on the ground nor need frames, it is possible to produce devices with unique designs,” he added.

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