How to backup and restore Naver LINE chat history on iOS without jailbreak

How to backup and restore Naver LINE chat history on iOS without jailbreak


LINE is a free instant messaging app for smartphones and PCs with over 200 million users worldwide. As a LINE messenger user, you may want to backup and restore your LINE chat history, be it switching to a new device or just as a backup in case the data is deleted accidentally. It may seem an impossible task to restore the data and the latest LINE update makes matter even worse, where the history is deleted automatically when there is a login detected on another device, which means the data would be lost forever if there is no prior backup performed.


Fret not as we have found a way to backup your valuable data which is your LINE history and a way to restore it to another device as well. It is actually quite easy once you have tried it once. Plus the good news is that there is no jailbreak required.


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Guide  to backup LINE chat history on iOS

Before starting, you will need the following :

  • iOS device with LINE installed (this is the device that you want to backup the Line chat history)
  • ifunbox


Step 1

Download ifunbox and install it to your PC. Connect the iOS device to the PC and run ifunbox.


Step 2

From ifunbox, look for LINE apps in User Applications.



Step 3

Tap into the Documents folder.



Step 4

Copy the file talk.sqlite to your PC.



Guide  to restore LINE chat history on iOS

After you are done backing up your LINE conversations, the restoration part is pretty quick and easy. You may want to restore your chat history to :

  • a new iOS device, or
  • the existing iOS device which the chat history has been accidentally deleted.

Step 1

On your new iOS device, launch and login to your LINE account. There will be a message that you have accessed this account from another device and all your history will be deleted. Tap on OK to continue.



Step 2

Connect the new iOS device to the PC and run ifunbox.


Step 3

Copy your chat history file talk.sqlite to the same location User Applications > LINE > Documents.



Step 4

Disconnect your iOS device from the PC and launch LINE application. All your chat history should be there.


We hope that this guide is useful to you. Do drop us a message in the comments if you encounter any problem.

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