5 Best Air Purifier Placement Techniques

5 Recommended Placement Techniques of an Air Purifier

5 Recommended Placement Techniques of an Air Purifier


Air purifiers are used to filter and clean polluted air inside homes by filtering out particles and remove toxic indoor pollutants. In bedrooms, air purifiers would be most effective because you breathe deepest during your sleep. It is especially helpful for babies, people with asthma and allergies or those with a weak immune system and the elderly.


Take into account the area you are working with for placement of an air purifier to have the best benefit. Some models need to be in the center of the room while others can function near the wall.


Whole house

Whole house air purifiers are the best around and would be able to accommodate the whole house. Place it near the air intake, preferably near an air conditioning unit for a continuous flow of fresh air throughout the house. Periodically clean the filters on the air purifier and air conditioning unit for better effect. During winter time, place the air purifier as centrally as possible, and away from the intake grill of a furnace.


In a corner

Placing it at the center of the room will usually work faster, but will be a trip hazard. At the corner, it will trap airborne particles while keeping the room fresh. This will work best for air purifiers that has a front air inlet and top outlet.


Near the door

An ultraviolet air purifier placed near the door will filter out bacteria and other microorganisms as they enter. This will help to keep the air indoor clean with less irritants and will benefit those suffering from asthma.


Behing sofa

Air purifiers will help to reduce odors especially from smoke. Placing it behind sofa where smokers sit will remove smoke as well as the odors from smoking. For better result, place it near the ashtrays to speed up the filtering process.



The kitchen generally generates the most odors and has more bacteria concentration because the environment is suitable for bacteria growth. Preferably, use the HEPA filter with UV light, placing it near the stove or the trash can. UV air purifier will help to reduce the bacteria and HEPA will assist to remove all those dead microbes from the air.



Most air purifier would require a regular maintenance of cleaning the filters. Some air purifier would have a light to indicate a dirty filter, while others need to be maintained periodically.


Tips: Always place air purifier near the worst source of odors and in an area that gets a good amount of airflow, so that it is able to filter out as much contamination as possible.

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