This Billboard Purifies Air better than 1,200 Trees

This Billboard Purifies Air better than 1,200 Trees


With the developments in Peru growing rapidly, the waves of construction came with a price. The developing country is struggling with pollutions.


Scientists at the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) decided to create a billboard that will purify 100,000 cubic meters of air everyday in crowded cities, which is equivalent to the work of 1,200 trees, and its effects reach people within a five block radius. The billboard which uses thermodynamic principles to actively dissolve pollutants in water to release fresh air. According to the team, its first air purifying billboard has been installed near a construction zone in Lima. Here’s a short video to show how it works.

While in 2013, UTEC collaborated with an ad agency, FCB Mayo to create a billboard that produces drinkable water out of thin air for local residents. You can see how that one worked in the video below.

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