10 Linux Unix Command Cheat Sheet

6 Best Linux/Unix Command Cheat Sheet

6 Best Linux/Unix Command Cheat Sheet


Linux has become so user-friendly nowadays that there is less and less need to use the command line. However, the commands and shell scripts remained powerful for advanced users to be able to do more complicated tasks quickly and efficiently.


With the vast number of commands available, you have to know loads of commands and how to effectively use them. But there is really no need to memorize everything since there are many cheat sheets available on the internet and books. We have here a collection of 6 Linux/Unix cheat sheets that can greatly help you when you are stuck and need a reference.


1. Linux Command Reference

In this cheat sheet you will find a bunch of the most common Linux commands that you’re likely to use on a regular basis.


Source: Linux Command Reference


2. Unix/Linux Command Reference

A great command reference published by FOSSWire.


Source: Unix/Linux Command Reference


3. One Page Linux Manual

An incredible one page reference to the most popular Linux commands. It is a summary of the most useful Linux commands.


Source: The One Page Linux Manual


4. Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

Keep this linux cheat sheet on your desk printed , I am sure you will learn them quick and will be a linux expert very soon.


Source: Linux Commands Cheat Sheet


5. Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

The origin of this cheat sheet is a Danish blog. But they have some useful cheat sheets which could be used as a wallpaper. It’s definitely useful when it is easily accessible from your desktop at any time.


Source: Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet


6. Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet with the most used commands for Linux.


Source: Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

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