Straw Hacks That Are Useful To Know

10 Straw Hacks That Are Useful To Know

10 Straw Hacks That Are Useful To Know


Drinking straws have a lot more use than we would have thought of, and because we can never have too many life hacks, let’s look at how straws can make your life a lot easier.


1. Unclog ketchup stuck in the bottle.

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Life Hacker

Just insert a drinking straw into the bottle of ketchup until it reaches the bottom. By doing this, you break up the clogged ketchup and insert air , which will help to move the ketchup out of the bottle.

Real Simple


2. Make plants water themselves.


One Classy Mother

A wine bottle, a cork, and a drinking straw is all you need to create a device that waters your plants automatically. There is a detailed instruction from One Classy Mother.


3. Water proof fire tubes.



These are great items to bring for camping. They are extremely portable and the straw will keep the content water proof. Just insert two matches, a piece of sandpaper for striking, and a cotton ball in petroleum jelly.


4. Spices for camping.


Field & Stream

Straws will make a good container to store spices for camping needs as well. Just fill the straws with the desired spices, then melt the ends to seal.


5. Keep necklaces untangled.



To avoid necklaces from tangling up in your travel bag, keep them separated easily by putting them through the straw and clasping them. It may not look classy, but at least gets the job done.


6. Hull your strawberries.


Watkins Lynn

By gently inserting a straw into the bottom of a strawberry and push up, the stem and leaves will come off, leaving the strawberries looking nice and pretty.

Food & Wine


7. Vacuum seal stuff better.


Modern Survival Blog

Getting as much air as possible out of a plastic bag will keep the things inside fresh. So, insert a straw into the bag, and seal the zipper around the straw. Then suck the air out of the bag through the straw. Remove the straw and quickly seal the rest of the zipper.


8. Keep the straw from floating.


Full Punch

This hack is for people actually using their straws for drinking. To keep the straw from floating in your can, use the tab of the can.


9. Travel size toiletries.


Mighty Girl

Travel light by switching bottles of toiletries with these easy to carry straws of liquid. Just use a Q-tip to push the liquids into the straw and seal with a normal lighter. Only bring the amount that you will need.


10. Seal open bags.


Wiki How

Reseal an open bag easily with two straws and a scissors. It’s fast and easy. Instruction is available at Wiki How.


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