Best Google Flights Tips For Getting Cheap Airfares

Best Google Flights Tips For Getting Cheap Airfares

Best Google Flights Tips For Getting Cheap Airfares

Google Flights is Google’s take on helping travelers to easier plan their trips. Interestingly, both avid and infrequent travelers would benefit from what Google Flights has to offer and since the website first emerged more than a year ago, it has fixed some of its big restrictions. You can now browse for round tour flights to cities around the globe, as well as different city tour or one-way tickets with up to 5 legs.

The website still does not let you book a ticket openly through Google – you have to refer to another website – but it does contain a wonderful range of features for narrowing down your tour criteria and looking at substitute options.

Features of Google Flights

Money-saving Flexible Date Search


Search websites like Expedia and Orbitz have limited or eliminated their flexible-date search features. Google Flights, though, lets you match prices across different months, giving you the option to manage your trip program to find the remarkable date.

Bar Graph To Show Seasonal Price Fluctuation


There is a bar graph to show how prices fluctuate based on seasons, weekends, holidays or other events. It is the best tool to help travelers to get a better deal.

The Best Flights Listed First


“The default position for flights does not forever show the affordable option,” said Eric Zimmerman, product manager of Google Flights. Instead, Google Flights shows what it decides to be the remarkable option, using a mixture of schedule, amount of stops, price, and involved amenities to decide what makes for a best route.

Supportive Tips When You Need Them


Planning about going to Miami this spring? If there is an affordable flight accessible into Fort Lauderdale, approximately 27 miles from Miami international, Google will notify you of the alternative. Searching for a flight between New York and Chicago for a weekend trip? Google may advise you to depart a day earlier to net important savings on airfare.

Save And Share Flights For Later

Google has included the save and share button to its Google Flight search, which are handy if you need to consult with friends or family before booking. If you see a best fare, it is better to book it now. The price you see today will most definitely fluctuate the next day.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Google even added its signature “I’m Feeling Lucky ” button to Google Flights, which will present you a random destination based on your search history. Yeah! It’s scary, but at least Google is using the data in a fun way.  “Our research shows more than half of searchers don’t know where they’re going to travel when they sit down to plan,” said Eric Zimmerman.


To access this feature, first, specify the dates that you want to travel. Then expand the map and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. You may also choose your ideal length of flight and what you are willing to pay for tickets.


Don’t know where you want to go?


Google flights let users punch in general geographic places instead of specific airport or cities. Want to get away this winter season but don’t have particular destination in mind? You can browse for only “Hawaii” or “Caribbean” if any island will do. In these examples, Google will get prices from a range of airports and show the results on map.

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