How To Get More Out of Google Play

How To Get More Out of Google Play

How To Get More Out of Google Play


With more than 1.3 million apps in Google Play store, sorting through them to get a hold of the good apps is often a frustrating process. Google doesn’t make it easier with the boxy interface which is uninformative and clumsy to navigate. Categories might be overly broad for users to find what they are really looking for.


The redesigned Google Play store based on Material Design definitely looks nicer than the previous version, but it doesn’t appear that Google Play is any easier to navigate. Fortunately, they are still ways to get more out of Google Play store.


AppBrain App Market is one of the answer. If you are wondering why would you need another app to help you download apps from Google Play? Well, the answer is pretty simple. This app enables Android users to more easily find what they need in Google Play and also helps users manage the apps on their devices and share them with friends.


Users have the option to manage and sync their apps, to browse and sort apps by category, release date, downloads, and rating. There are filters for free, paid, reduced price, and new updates for apps.


AppBrain users can also sign in to their account from a desktop browser, which is one of AppBrain’s best feature compared to the original market. At the mobile apps management console, you can see all your devices listed and a listing of all the Android apps on those devices. At one glance, you can see how many apps are installed on each device, as well as the total monetary value of the paid apps. There is even an option to uninstall individual app so that you can manage your apps easily on a full browser.


Head over to to get an account. You can simply use the same Google credentials you synced your Android devices to as your authorization.


Available at: Google Play Store (free)

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